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«Kluchi» - an exciting puzzle of a completely new type!
The player's task is to place all the clues in the table at the same time.
It's easy to play! Just move the clues with your finger from the bottom up to the table. When the clue is above the table, move it to the left or right to find a free space. If you see a locking icon on the clue, it means that the place is busy or the clue is behind the edge of the table. If there is no locking icon, simply release the clue and it will itself set in the table. Did you move all the clues to the table? - you solved the task!
What do all these signs mean? What you see below the table is the clues. The clue tells how the pair of elements will be placed in the table relative to each other. The clue with the arrow pointing to the left indicates that its first element will be located in the table directly to the left of the second. The clue with the equal sign indicates that its elements can be in the table strictly in one column. But do not be scared of it: the game itself gives these clues the right configuration. You just need to find a place for each of them. But with a bi-directional arrow, you can do a little more - you can turn it around! About this below.
The bidirectional arrow says that the elements of such a clue will be located in the table in adjacent columns, but in advance it is not known in which order. This clue is called "neighbors" and it's special: you can swap its elements. This affects its position in the table and the solution of the task as a whole. The button with the image of two arrows inverts all clues of type "neighbors" located below the table. It is active when there is at least one such clue on the playing field. Be sure to try this button if the task has clues - "neighbors" and you can not collect all the clues in the table.
You can also use hints. The use of one hint leads to the fact that the game selects a random clue, and puts it in the table correctly. The number next to the lamp icon says how many hints you have left. Hints can be obtained for watching videos or buying. Pay attention, hints are not a necessary part of the game process.
Answers to the three most frequent questions:
1. The order of letters and numbers can be any. The task of the player does not limit it.
2. After solving the task, free cells can remain in the table. This does not contradict the player's task.
3. Identical elements are placed in a table in one cell. This is the way it should be. After all, each element of the table is unique, and can meet in it only once
«Kluchi» is an interactive version of the my effective trainer for the brain «Genius Brain», and positively affects the following cognitive phenomena:
- analytical and logical thinking;
- accuracy and stability of thinking;
- short-term and long-term memory;
- concentration of attention;
- iq, liquid intelligence;
- imagination and creativity.
If you have solved all the tasks in «Kluchi» and it is not enough for you, feel free to go to the «Genius Brain»: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.geniusgames.geniusbrain
«Kluchi» is a truly new type of puzzle. True, you have not seen this until now. In importance, the emergence of this game can be compared with the emergence of sokoban or chess. In general, the essence of the game is to find such arrangement of clues, in which they all fit into the table. In fact, you play a normal puzzle, but in a very very unusual shape. At small levels, it's easy and pleasant to play, on large you load the brain well. Move the clues into the table, swipe, put in their place new, turn over "neighbors". This is the magic of pure symbols - the magic of logic!
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