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QB - a cube's tale

QB - a cube's tale

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Stephan Goebel | Size: 41.62MB | Updated:12-15
In QB - a cube's tale, you guide the cube QB through a stylistic, rudimentary world. On his journey, QB is faced with great challenges. Various other cubes obstruct his way to the coveted black cube, which will bring him closer to his goal.
QB - a cube's tale is an isometric puzzler that manages to challenge you with very few elements. Each puzzle is hand-crafted and captivates with a very clear, miraculously minimalistic graphic in isometric 3D.
The controls are as simple as minimal. By simply swiping, you move QB one step in the direction indicated. If you rest your finger on the screen QB moves in the same direction until you lift your finger again. The rest results from the different mechanisms that are triggered by the other cubes.
The world is accompanied by atmospheric music and subtle sound effects, so you can concentrate fully on the tricky puzzles.

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QB - a cube's taleQB - a cube's taleQB - a cube's taleQB - a cube's taleQB - a cube's tale

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