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2048 Apex - Premium

2048 Apex - Premium

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.4
Developer: Föhnsoft | Size: 3.21MB | Updated:05-17
2048 Apex takes the core idea of the classic 2048 game and adds new Boards, Game-Modes and Tile-Types to it, which will call for more strategic thinking.

# Ad-Free
# Tutorial
# Three different Game-Modes (Challenge, Arcade, Classic)
# 46 Challenges
# Five different color schemes (Classic, Chroma, Neon, Shade, Dark Sand)
# Hexagonal board in three sizes
# Square board from 3x3 up to 8x8
# Highscores for all modes and sizes separated
# Seed can be manually set
# Animation speed can be set
# Current game will always be saved
# Portrait and Landscape support (board size will not change)

There is also a Free-Edition available if you want to try it out first.

Game Modes
Challenge (main mode)
By collecting all the Stars on the Board you can win a Challenge. To unlock more Challenges you need to gain Stars. The Challenges became more and more difficult to solve. The mixture of strategic thinking, misfortune and pure luck is very enjoyable to play.

In this mode you gain points by merging Tiles with the same value. It is similar to the Classic-Mode but includes all the special Tiles from the Challenge-Mode. Try to create the highest Tiles and set up a new Highscore.

The goal is to merge Tiles of the same value together to gain points. If you merge two fours for example to an eight you will gain 8 points. Play until there is no move left and try to beat the Highscore.

Special Tiles (Arcade and Challenge-Mode)
A Wall can be recognized by the outline. This Tile will not move and Tiles will get blocked as long they do not have the same value. If you merge a Tile of the same value with a Wall it will turn into a normal Tile of double value.

A Joker will always merge with a standard Tile as if it was of the same value. A Joker will also halve a Wall, if the value of the Wall was 2 it will remove it.

An Eater will destroy up to three Tiles. But it will be blocked by a Wall. Different than
all other Tiles, you can push an Eater from the board. If an Eater hits a Spawner they will create a Joker.

A Spawner will create a new Tile on one of the free surrounding places, unless all places are blocked. It will generate Tiles between 2 and half of the value of the Spawner itself. A Tile of the same value will halve the Spawner until it turns into a Joker.

Star (Challenge-Mode)
A Star can't move but it will merge with a Tile of any value. Be careful an Eater will destroy a Star and you will fail the Challenge. There are bronze, silver and gold Stars, which increasingly become more difficult to collect.

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2048 Apex - Premium2048 Apex - Premium2048 Apex - Premium2048 Apex - Premium2048 Apex - Premium2048 Apex - Premium2048 Apex - Premium2048 Apex - Premium

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