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Planet Zum. Balls Line

Planet Zum. Balls Line

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 2.4
Developer: Irinafairy | Size: 28.9MB | Updated:05-9
Become the captain of an intergalactic cruiser - Ark "Creator." Embark on an adventure across the expanses of the Milky Way. Shoot planets, like balls and collect them in three or more in a line. The main goal, to find a planet Zuma, among the infinite universe, it is not an easy task. Gain experience, improve and equip the cruiser, go through the levels and then you will be able to find the planet Zum, where there is life for immigrants from Earth.
How to play:
1. Select the language that matches the country's flag.
2. Click the Start button, or Continue if you want to start from where you finished the last time of the game.
3. Select the level.
4. Shop. Upgrade for earned crystals, weapons space cruiser. At the beginning of the game is given 200 crystals.
5. Connect 3 or more balls in a line. Shooting the ball out of the cruiser. Target color shows what color ball, illumination color cruiser shows what color the next ball.
6. Of the affected planets can fly crystals collect them if you would like to upgrade the ship.
7. To use the weapons of the ship, press the appropriate ekonki bottom of the game screen.
8. Become the best in the ranking pilots. Rating saved and you can compare it with other players in real time.
The game is completely free.
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Planet Zum. Balls LinePlanet Zum. Balls LinePlanet Zum. Balls LinePlanet Zum. Balls LinePlanet Zum. Balls Line

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