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Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper)

Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper)

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: CelekDESIGN | Size: 3.53MB | Updated:05-28
One large three-dimensional sphere full of mines. Disarm the ball with help comparing adjacent fields (each field shows the number of mined neighbors). Easy rules, addictive entertainment.
Classic minesweeper logic game with modern ideas.
Great music composed by Wojtek Fedkowicz especially for Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper) game.
The object of the Ball Bomb game is to disarm a minefield without detonating any mine. Disarmament is uncovering all fields without a mine. Each field has about six neighbours.
To make disarmament easier, each field displays the number adjacent mines. You can mark (flag) fields, which are suspicious of being mined, it will also decreases the number of remaining mines which appears in the upper left corner of the screen.
An attempt to uncover mined field will cause an explosion of the ball and you will have to start again.
The first reveal is always safe!
When you uncover all safe fields, the ball will be disarmed and you will WIN the game
Classic minesweeper game (also known as mines) but on a three-dimensional sphere (planet) minefield and with an easy start mode, which you can turn off to be more professional.
Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper) offers:
- 5 ball minefield sizes
- the first click is always safe and uncovers convenient area (easy start mode),
- saving game state every time you close it,
- scalable graphic, which look great in every resolution,
- smart and minimalist interface - just launch and play,
- resizing the ball by multitouch,
- two control methods
- game timer,
- mines left counter
- support landscape,
- hours of fun during exercising your strategic and logical thinking.
Please feel free to contact me by email.

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Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper)Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper)Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper)Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper)Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper)Ball Bomb 3D (Minesweeper)

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