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Puzzle Rail Rush HD

Puzzle Rail Rush HD

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.5.1
Developer: Nikas Games | Size: 20MB | Updated:07-2
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If you like to make use of your senses, you will definitely enjoy Puzzle Rail Rush game. More than 75 puzzle levels where you have to assemble the railway in order to help the train get to the destination.
If you have ever been fascinated with:
toy railways -
Puzzle Rail Rush is just the thing for you! So, what is this fascinating game about?
You need to correctly assemble the disordered rail sections so that the result would be a real railway between the two stations of destination. However this is not all. In order to train your logics from different angles the game has 2 different play modes:
«Labyrinth» − rails taken apart to sections;
«Push puzzle» − wrongly designed railway;
The first play mode looks like railway assembling from your childhood. Remember, each time you started to play with the train you had to correctly put together the rails first? Now you can check if you still have those skills. In the second play mode you will have to correct the mistakes of some unprofessional engineers who have assembled the road wrongly or even forgot to use certain parts!
Are you mistrusting your own powers? Don’t worry − Puzzle Rail Rush is designed with over 100 different levels, from the simplest to the difficult, over which you will have to break your head a lot. Simple levels will make a novice understand the game and will be useful for schoolchildren who need to have a rest from routine from time to time - and Puzzle Rail Rush MAKES REST USEFUL. You can develop your logical skills with each new level and try to assemble the railway while the train is moving already!
Dangerous? Yes, it is! Who would think that one can get a good dose of adrenaline while assembling a puzzle… But this is exactly what happens when you play Puzzle Rail Rush!

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Puzzle Rail Rush HDPuzzle Rail Rush HDPuzzle Rail Rush HDPuzzle Rail Rush HD

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