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Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.0.4
Developer: Magical | Size: 5.4MB | Updated:07-20
Enjoy a space adventure that will challenge your skills in a way you have never experienced before. Flip the gravity of a space station to find your way around lasers and robots. Push boxes and use them to shield you. Make use of force fields as space elevators.
*** The Story ***
The year is 2076.
Contact with a space station has been lost.
Last received message: "main computer failure".
You've been sent on a mission
to restart 3 computer terminals
located in each module of the station.
Watch out, all security systems are on.
But there is one thing that can help you: station's gravity switch!
Use it wisely! Good luck!
*** Features ***
You will find:
- levels that look simple, but will turn out to be really challenging,
- levels that are seemingly impossible to pass, unless you use the gravity in innovative ways,
- levels that will test your speed, bravery and ingenuity.
This game is physics-based and you can pass each level in many interesting ways. Space station consists of three modules - the first one is free to play. Enjoy!
This game is sometimes referred to as: gravity mania, gravitation mania, gravito mania.

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