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Baffles Classic Puzzles

Baffles Classic Puzzles

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 29
Developer: Baffles the Fox Pty. Ltd. | Size: 37.44MB | Updated:07-25
Feast your eyes on the most comprehensive and varied collection of classic puzzles ever released! Also, say hello to your host Baffles the Fox, puzzle master extraordinaire! In this game your goal is to solve 100 uniquely difficult conundrums (76 now, 24 coming soon) - some of which date back to ancient Rome, China, and India, while many others are modern classics.
* Every level is different! Every type of ingenious playable puzzle imaginable is featured - from sliding block and hopping puzzles, to rolling ball, logic, lateral thinking, science, picture, river crossing and every other kind of puzzle in between!
* Some puzzles date back to ancient Rome, China and India, whilst many others are modern classics
* Fascinating illustrated histories are provided for most puzzles
* Your host is Baffles the Fox, witty puzzle master extraordinaire! Baffles is not above being bribed with chickens for hints if you need them!
* There's a great mix of puzzle types and difficulty levels throughout to ensure it never gets too tricky!
* Ask your Friends for help without leaving the game using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Message, Slack, Viber, Hangouts, Google+ and more!

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Baffles Classic PuzzlesBaffles Classic PuzzlesBaffles Classic PuzzlesBaffles Classic PuzzlesBaffles Classic Puzzles

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