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Sakura Day Mahjong

Sakura Day Mahjong

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: 8FLOOR | Size: 45MB | Updated:08-2
Travel around mysterious Asia! Visit the lost Wind Valley. Gaze into the waters of the magical Emerald Waterfall and don’t get lost in the Imperial Garden.
Assemble Mahjong puzzles to suit any taste. Classic, themed, blitz fast levels for points to save time, huge levels of 200 tiles for a long journey and tall, 15-layer levels to challenge your skills!
Over 7 hours of gameplay in 120 unique levels await you in 6 wonderful unexplored worlds and exciting landscapes from Asia.
Each level has its own individual goals, and the levels themselves contain special golden tiles.

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Sakura Day MahjongSakura Day MahjongSakura Day MahjongSakura Day Mahjong

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