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Traps&Treasures: Lost Temple

Traps&Treasures: Lost Temple

Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 2.37
Developer: LynxAr Studio | Size: 92.9MB | Updated:11-4
You can not stay at home and crave for adventures? Make tour way through the wild jungle, visit ancient cities and temples, avoid traps and exhibit remarkable sharpness - there is only one chance to achieve to the goal, and to find the Great Treasure of Maya!
Traps and Treasures is an exciting logic-adventure game. Join two brave, resourceful adventurers as they search for lost Temple. Journey lead you through thick jungles, sea islands and dark dungeons, with danger lurks at every step - angry natives, bloodthirsty thugs, rickety bridges and ancient traps...
Each level you have a simple goal - collecting the treasure along the way and find the exit point. But of course, the puzzle is not that simple:
- Old hanging bridges and wooden platforms. Running over them once will be enough to make them collapse, blocking your retreat.
- Locked doors opened with pressure plates
- Teleporters that transport characters to hard-to-reach places
- Enraged natives - avoid their sight or run quickly!
- Crafty traps, which welcome any treasure hunter with firebolls, hidden pikes and pits!
...and much more!
Traps&Treasures features:
- Brand new Gameplay! Nothing like Traps&Treasures in the Google Play Market!
- Genuinely complex, challenging puzzles
- Great story, witty dialogue and original characters
- Beautiful, full-color graphics - old temple, labyrinth, jungle, sea islands and more!
- 5 episodes!
- Captivating gameplay immerses you in the world of jungles, ancient ruins and dangerous adventures!
- Game is Completely FREE!
- Adventures never stop - new episodes are released regularly! More puzzles, more delightful stories and great jokes!

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Traps&Treasures: Lost TempleTraps&Treasures: Lost TempleTraps&Treasures: Lost TempleTraps&Treasures: Lost Temple

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