Category: Android Games / Puzzle Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Curious Media | Size: 24.53MB | Updated:01-1
Smoosh your Blops together in the funnest game ever, brimming with puzzles so amazing you'll probably break your phone in a fit of joyous frustration! Get Smoosh now and we'll give you a free cat (although we actually won't... you have to earn it).
In other words, Smoosh is an addictive puzzler full of brain bending challenges and a slew of colorful, smoosh-able Blops. Guide your Blop buddies to their color-coordinated Blop Drops through 120 fantastic (and puzzling) levels. Smash Blops together to mix new colors, avoid treacherous Pits of Despair, and work around deviously placed obstacles to master every level and drop those Blops! Think you're good? Complete each level within a set number of moves to achieve Par or under and prove you're a real Blop droppin' pro!
* MASTER 120 addictingly fun puzzles full of Blops, blocks, tubes, and drops.
* EXPLORE 6 Platforms with unique obstacles.
* INTERACT with Blops to mix new colors and watch Blops respond as you play.
* PLAY at your own pace and plan moves without the stress of a clock.
* BEAT each level at Par or better and become the ultimate Blop Dropper.
* WIN & feel great!

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Smoosh! Screenshots

 Smoosh! Smoosh! Smoosh! Smoosh! Smoosh! Smoosh!

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