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Category: Android Games / Racing Games | Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Blokwise SAS | Size: 76.65MB | Updated:11-24
Is a fun and adrenaline racing game in which players will face each other. Among them
seeking to reach the top in all categories.
In order to bring to the cell phones one of the genres that most amused us in the classic videogame consoles, they present RACERS SQUAD, a videogame where the use and evolution of the powerups are the key that will influence in each race to achieve the much desired goal of climbing to the top of the categories.
The competitive spirit of the users is fed by a system of multiplayer skills. The
Competitors must build their powers up
strategies which allow them to win and advance faster category.
RACERS SQUAD is now available in Googleplay and it promises you an enclosing mechanic where you will have to face the competitors of your category to achieve the cups and share the podium with the best ones.
To achieve this goal, you must earn enough points in each race to get in the top positions, make improvements to the powers and build your best strategy equipping your car with your 4 best powerups, and of course enjoy the glory of victory.
In each category you will find new race tracks and incredible powerups and every time you advance the competition against other users will be increasingly demanding and you will have to test your skills and strategy. You'll find more than 12 characters to choose, more than 30 variants of racetracks to play and more than 20 powers that you will go obtaining as you progress through the game.

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