Category: Android Games / Racing Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: ZPLAY Games | Size: 39.73MB | Updated:01-28
This is a very challenging 3D horizontal version of fast parkour game, high quality resolution, composed of many different colors of fashion bars, mixed with a variety of sharp obstacles, making Parkour itself more Cool and difficult. The game operation is very simple, tap the screen, the protagonist will automatically jump. The goal of the player is to quickly and accurately click on the speed and position of the main character to avoid obstacles and jump to the slab that supports them. It should be noted that the protagonist in the case of no block as a support, not only will fall into the abyss, but also floating in the air heaven. The game has more than one level to challenge, but the new level is to unlock the establishment of the previous level is based on the smooth clearance. Along the way can also collect crystal, so your journey is by no means alone.

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