Gun Rider

Gun Rider

Category: Android Games / Racing Games | Version: 1.3
Developer: EVL PPY | Size: 17.5MB | Updated:05-7
Race like the bullet in the Gun Rider truck racing game with a hero-mission adventure and enjoy the 3D scenery that takes you through the story-line.
In the near future, a deadly plague will decimate 99% of Earth's population. The last surviving people, hidden in caves, are waiting for a miracle. An antidote exists, but no one dares to go out and deliver it. So this is your chance to become the hero! Take the antidote to the last remaining city, the ruins of New York and save the human race.
Become part of this incredible story by joining the racing adventure of this gun rider in this ultimate racing and shooting game. Become yourself the best driver behind the wheels of the impressive truck, make all the right turns to make it safe to the finish line and blast out any obstacles that stand in your way.
Game features:
- eye popping 3D graphics
- 30 intense levels
- 3 post-apocalyptic worlds
- 3 different cars
- blended racing &shooting game features
- free to download and play
The hero of the day, the Gun Rider, will take you on a journey across the lands to make you fierce and rough as you race to save the world. Stay focused and determined to win, as obstacles on the road will try to slow you down.
So what are you waiting for? The racing world is waiting for your impressive driving skills to shine through the rough terrain as you race to the finish line, shooting down obstacles in your way. Each of the three worlds is waiting to be saved and you need to hurry. You get ten different chances for each of the three worlds to prove yourself in a feisty racing game that will take you all over the post-apocalyptic landscape. Handle your gun rider truck just right and soon you will be able to stay alive and intact for so much longer. Reach the finish alive in great health and if you need to, refill your tank to survive in this race against time.
Upgrade your impressive car in the garage, as you customize it with your selection of weapon and armor. You can improve your gun rider with a choice of your weapon, provided you have the money to buy it. Improve your resistance on the rough terrain as you race to the end of the world, by purchasing better armor. All of the upgrades are here to help you win the racing game and save the world. Complete each mission to receive stars and coins or even go to the shop and buy coins to refill your tank as it runs out of fuel. Make the best of your earned coins and soon you will be able to upgrade and buy exactly what you need to win the race.
With ten different missions for each of the three worlds, you will be challenged to the maximum on the off-roads. Truck racing games like these are always demanding, so just stay strong and focused on the road ahead and you will win. Complete each mission with a maximum of stars and earn 100 coins for each of them. Spend them in the garage or play longer to earn even more stars. You get to upgrade each of the three cars that comes with each of the three worlds, so there will be plenty of opportunity to spend you money. Just be focused on your ten missions for each world and drive safely to the finish line.
Become the long waited Gun Rider hero of the day as you blast all obstacles out of your way and race fiercely to the finish line!

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Gun RiderGun RiderGun RiderGun RiderGun Rider

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