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RaceMania: Real Car Racing

RaceMania: Real Car Racing

Category: Android Games / Racing Games | Version: 0.0.47
Developer: B.V. | Size: 19.95MB | Updated:06-14
Real. Iconic. Yours.
In RaceMania there are always only licensed cars from some of the most famous manufacturers including Ford, Mercedes-Benz‎, BMW, Bentley, and more! Choose any one you like, and upgrade it any way you like!
Pump ‘em up with style!
Style your car any way you like by changing the paint job and body kits for the hood, bumpers and spoilers. Defeat opponents on the road by unleashing the hidden power of your favorite vehicles by upgrading its chassis and engine. Dominate on the track with might and style!
Split second hero!
Look for hints, check your timing and make right moves when they’re needed. Success in the dynamic and exciting mini games on the track will result in bold maneuvers like a sharp drift or a spectacular pass. Use your wits and tapping skills to overcome your virtual and real opponents and enjoy the show!
Plan. Improve. Beat.
Make your way from a lone ambitious racer to having a full racing team comprised of drivers and mechanics. Hire, train, develop, and make use of all of your teammates and receive the bonuses they give: more races to participate in, more horsepower for your cars, and of course much more fun! Assemble your dream team and become the champion!
Teach ‘em how to drive!
Make your way through all the neighborhoods in the city, defeating all of the racing gangs in each neighborhood and become a street racing legend! Challenge any of the players in the online matchmaking list and be the best on the road!

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RaceMania: Real Car RacingRaceMania: Real Car RacingRaceMania: Real Car RacingRaceMania: Real Car RacingRaceMania: Real Car RacingRaceMania: Real Car Racing

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