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Brake To Win

Brake To Win

Category: Android Games / Racing Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: University of Plymouth Enterprise Ltd | Size: 81MB | Updated:07-26
A new breed of racing game; a stunning 3D racer for everyone...
Simple controls, slick performance and adrenalin fuelled arcade action with an indie twist; every corner is a puzzle, no need to steer, BRAKE to earn boost, BOOST to power out of the corners to get the fastest possible track times.
With great power comes great responsibility, don’t destroy your car!
√ 24 races
√ 6 tracks
√ 10 un-lockable cars
√ Car upgrades
√ Customisable colours
√ Fun for a novice, challenging for an expert
√ Auto steering car AI
√ Family friendly
√ No ads
√ No In-App Purchases
√ Easy to Learn difficult to master
Created by the Interactive Systems Studio at Plymouth University
Visit our studio site - http://www.iss.io

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Brake To WinBrake To WinBrake To WinBrake To WinBrake To Win

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