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Zombie is coming

Zombie is coming

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.0
Developer: YEMA | Size: 30.2MB | Updated:11-10
Zombie is coming!
Press tab, tab, tab on zombies with a finger!
Find and raise the hunters who will fight with you
challenge a boss zombie of the highest level!
Clicker & neglected zombie game!
Zombie is coming - Raising hunters
Obtain zombie genes by knocking zombies down
Reinforce your team by finding hidden hunters and items
You can easily remove zombies when you raise hunters with individual weapons.
Summon new boss zombies by using air strike!
The higher boss levels are, the higher attack ability of the team is and the more zombie genes you can collect!
Do not forget to search always.
Max, your sincere search dog comes back after finding new hunters and various items!
Remove boss zombies by finding the hunters who will grow and fight with you and hidden items!
Zombie is coming! Press tab tab tab!
- Remove 50 kinds of boss zombies!
- Find and raise individual hunters!
- Collect various items!
※Utilize the function to store data on the cloud for data recovery.
※Make sure to the storage state after storing your data on the cloud.
2016. 11. 08
- Add boss list
- Add a Hunter description In the Upgrade window
- Increase attack speed level
- Potion duration increased to 20 seconds

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Zombie is comingZombie is comingZombie is comingZombie is comingZombie is comingZombie is comingZombie is coming

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