Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.0
Developer: Ludosity | Size: 1.97MB | Updated:02-9
Do you love roguelikes but think they're just too hard? This one is for you! With a streamlined interface made for touchscreens, randomhack is a great experience you can pull out any time for a quick game.
* Uncover the mysteries of the world from scrolls you'll find - The wisdom contained in the scrolls you uncover will be permanently unlocked even if you die.
* Quit at any time and continue where you left off. You will only need to start over if you die.
* Easy and Normal modes - Choose between Easy Mode with full visibility, or Normal Mode with 'Line of Sight' and 'Fog of War'.
* 10 weapons, 20 items, 30 enemies, 50 floors and a Boss!
* Configure zoom and text size to perfectly fit your screen
* Intriguing use of jam.

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