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iShelter - Adventure RPG (Unreleased)

iShelter - Adventure RPG (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 0.0.3
Developer: Seven Pirates | Size: 89.8MB | Updated:07-25
Nuclear fallout has occurred and destroyed the world of old. In the world of New Eden, construct your underground shelter, recruit talented heroes, form your team with the best of the best and make survival a game!

iShelter- Regardless of whether they're a samurai, sheriff, sumo wrestler, physicist, biomechanical beast, magic angel, or scientific monstrosity, your shelter needs another survivor... team up your unique battle array!

What's unique about this game:
【Explore an Apocalyptic World】
A large apocalyptic world with 9 different styles of terrain. Before you leave, don't forget to top up the buggy.
【Construct Your Shelter】
Build a unique underground fortress, and use your engineering talent to make your base a palace fit for a king of this new world, you!
【Form Your Team】
Summon and collect hundreds of exotic Heroes. Create and strategically deploy a team people will adore.
【Devise Strategies】
Bountiful chips to set in gear, allowing ordinary heroes to become powerful.
【League Wars】
30 vs. 30 League Wars, consolidate your power with fellow members to fight on the world arena.
【Form Teams in Real Time】
Form teams of 4 players in real time,and work together to slay the ultimate BOSS.
【AR Battle】
In the break room at work, you and your friends can deploy your teams and battle on the dinner table!
Official site:www.7piratesgames.com
Customer service:https://sevenpiratesgames.helpshift.com/a/ishelter
Facebook page:https://facebook.com/isheltergame
Download this cool game now and start your exploration in New Eden!

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iShelter - Adventure RPG (Unreleased)iShelter - Adventure RPG (Unreleased)iShelter - Adventure RPG (Unreleased)iShelter - Adventure RPG (Unreleased)iShelter - Adventure RPG (Unreleased)

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