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Mstiteli: Online RPG

Mstiteli: Online RPG

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.0.16
Developer: Sergei Galkin | Size: 1.79MB | Updated:10-11
Plunge from the first seconds of the Avengers in the world - free role-playing game with an interesting plot and a simple control. Traveled to distant lands, fight with dangerous creatures, bleed and finding power worthy of the gods.
* Explore the world
Many centuries ago, people fell the First Empire. Land contaminated by a mysterious dark force that is resisting the spread of the brave heroes of the Second Empire. You will be one of these heroes.
Go on a dangerous journey: in Mirkwood mysterious, deadly Tierra del Fuego, a lifeless Heath Orc abandoned Underground Kingdom. Fight with the magical creatures that inhabit these places and learn the secrets of the Avengers world.
Explore the mysterious dungeons to find powerful artifacts and gain unprecedented strength.
* Immerse the first second
Simple operation and straightforward game mechanics.
* Bleed the CHARACTER
Train, learn martial skills, upgrade your equipment. Find rare weapons and armor and fight in the arena with other players.
* Join a clan
Join in one of the dozens of clans, or create your own clan with its own laws. Defeat powerful bosses together with your friends and divide the booty. Built the clan built to receive useful bonuses.
* communicate
Has teamed up with hundreds of other players, to repel the invasion of orcs. Talk in our cozy chat in the forum and in the clan. Find new friends and like-minded people.
Welcome to the Avengers world - a world of heroes and battles!

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Mstiteli: Online RPGMstiteli: Online RPGMstiteli: Online RPGMstiteli: Online RPG

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