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Hollow Ninja (Unreleased)

Hollow Ninja (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.1.1
Developer: LIP Studio | Size: 42.11MB | Updated:12-14
Hollow Ninja is an action RPG survival game. In this game, you will be a Ninja who have to earn enough food for your village from the hokage 's instruction. In this case, you will fight with the dangerous monsters and their shadow to complete your mission.
The story of Hollow Ninja game get the time in the days after chaos world where we don't have too much food in the world this time. And the world have a lot of uninvited monsters from hell. To save the world, to help people, to destroy all monsters, hollow ninja must join the unwanted battle with the darkness power by all of ninja skill, shuriken, sword, combo skill...
The main ninja quest is finding food. After the chaos world, only some villages still survive. Let's fight to survive and help our people in village.
- Unique hero hollow ninja design.
- Easy to play.
- Cool graphics with many ninja character design.
- Many missions to complete.
- Creative gameplay and platform design.
- Easy to play with friends.
- Many combo skills to fight.
- Many combination of character equipments.

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Hollow Ninja (Unreleased)Hollow Ninja (Unreleased)Hollow Ninja (Unreleased)Hollow Ninja (Unreleased)Hollow Ninja (Unreleased)Hollow Ninja (Unreleased)

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