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Download Pay Version, now!! You will get not only 9 Magic Stone to summon hero but also resources, 200000 Quark,200000 Anu and 200000 Ether!!
Corona was awakened her unlimited power since her brother's death. She sealed her father ,dark dragon 'Ira calico', and then she had started burning everything in the universe. elephant of life 'NATURA' saved his son 'Outer' with Corona's flame and finally was sealed by Corona.
She burned whole universe and killed every living things with her flame.... When Corona's flame burned down, Outer finally recovered consciousness alone, he decided to restore Somnium planet.
1. the object of the game : You have to destroy all of Corona's locks to restore Somnium planet.
2. How to play game :
(1) Create the ground and sea : You can create the ground or the sea by moving the feather pan with your index finger.
(2) Nigrum Dungeon locks : Locks above the planet. You can destroy one of those when you clear each 5 stage in Nigrum Dungeon
(3) Awakening locks : Red jewel shaped Locks left side of your planet. These restrain PUELLA‘s awakening. You can destroy one of those when you clear each 5 stage of 2nd or 3rd level building.
(4) Population Locks : Limiting population Locks right side of your Planet. You can destroy them by increasing population. To do that, you need to construct more buildings and objects on your planet.
(5) Construction : You can buy building on the list with resources.
Combining buildings : To combine two buildings, you need to create a building same as you want combine with it, then you need to drag and drop one building to the other. When you combine buildings 5 times, It develops your buildings to next level. Most of buildings develop to 3rd level except special buildings which is able to develop to 5th.
Building Dungeon :
(6) Nigrum Dungeon : Monster shape dungeon. It will pop up when you paint the ground or sea on your planet. It has relevance to Nigrum locks.
(7) Hero : Heroes of Somnium Planet. They have strong power and special skills for combat. Their skills will help you establishing a strategy for combat.
Summoning Hero : You can randomly summon hero with 10 magic stones.
Selecting Hero : Select one of 3 slots above the hero inventory and click hero you want to join in combat. Make sure no more than 3 heroes. Only 3 heroes can participate in combat.
Composing Heroes (Important!!) : Hero level are limited to Lv50, but if you compose heroes, your hero's level limit will increase 10 more. In this case, you can only compose same heroes!! Make sure you have to add high level hero to one of slots because composing processing will focus on the hero in the slot. If you add low level hero on the slot and compose with high level hero, your hero might lose his or her present level.
Level up : Your hero can level up with getting experience points from combats.
(8) Magic Stone : It is used to summon hero or brownie, and buy resources. There is 3 way to get it. First of all, you will be able to get it after you clear 5 stages of Nigrum dungeon. Secondly, You can get it when you clear 5 stages not fewer that 2nd level building. Thirdly, Simply, you can purchase it from the store.
(9) Brownie : Worker producing Quark, Ether and Anu resources per every 1 second. there are Common Brownie and Special Brownie.
1. Summoning Brownie : Click $ button, the select Brownie. You can randomly summon Brownie with 15 magic stones.
(10) Troops : There are 3 types of troop. You can recruit them with 3 element resources. The price of troops is getting expensive with their level and number.
(11) Colleague : There are two types of Colleagues. One of them is Dragon type 'Draco', and the other is Cat type 'Ragon'. They are hiding their identity.

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