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Brave Fighter

Brave Fighter

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.0.4
Developer: JOYNOWSTUDIO | Size: 44.84MB | Updated:06-22
Brave Fighter is a very fine ARPG game and has interesting systems.
Over 30 kinds of companions will help you in the battle. Wizard, fighter, knight, assassin, priest, Titan each of them have their unique skills, it will bring lots of fun.
Game has distinctive battle strategy, allows you control your companions attack or defense in real time.
You may find variety of enemies, each of them have their own unique attack mode. Attack first, wipe them out before they hurt you!
There are dangerous BOSS awaits!They have deadly skill and higher property than normal demons.
You have multiple active skills, use different skills to avoid the enemy's attacking, and then make a great damage to enemies! Show your gorgeous operating skills!
Heroic warrior also needs weapon! Players can pick up four species, nearly 100 different quality and effectiveness of equipments. There are five dungeons waiting for you to challenge. Do you want better equipment? Then come to find it in the dungeons!
Game has an interesting avatar system. Different weapons will bring different characters’ looking.
Find the one which is your favorite.
We also have mercenary system. You may even recruit the Boss after you defeat it several times!
Strengthen and choose different mercenaries to fit the battle. It will reduce the difficulty of the combat! Fighting as a team to substantially increase your combat effectiveness, so you do more with less!
We design various levels, from the dense foggy forests, to cold frozen land, from the dry desert, to the ghostly demon palace. Let you experience the joy of adventure.
Village, combating, dungeons, PVP, collection and training. Come and find these things in the game.
The game is easy to control, whether you are not a freshman can quickly get started and experience the fun in the game!
When the world is facing a crisis, the brave who is holding a sword, are you willing to come forward?
When darkness falls, devour your lovers around, will you choose to fight?
Warriors, engage the battle!
Now, enjoy the core fun of ARPG game!
★ Free to play
★ Seven different battlefields
★ Five dungeons for you to challenge
★ Collect your own characteristics mercenaries
★ Distinctive avatar system that allows you to change your hero’s looking
★ Arrest BOSS, let them fight for you
★ Choose different mercenary to fight and show full of strategic combat
★ Smooth operation feeling
★ Nice optimized, running well on old devices and only need no more than 50MB space.
★ Variety of different shapes and equipment
★ Variety of enemies and levels
We will update and improve Brave Fighter constantly.
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Brave FighterBrave FighterBrave FighterBrave FighterBrave Fighter

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