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Assault CorpsI

Assault CorpsI

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.2.1
Developer: aosuo tech | Size: 16.2MB | Updated:06-26
◆ without network can play full 3D real-time strategy games ◆
◆ offline stand-alone value of various units of the thousands of free play ◆
◆ worldwide provide first class phone automatically hang up the MOBA games ◆
◆ Comprehensive World of Tanks, armor world, fighters in the world ◆
◆◆◆◆◆ AC introduction ◆◆◆◆◆
"Assault Corps" (AssaultCorps, referred to as AC) is Ortho Technology's piercing studio developed a whole MOBA 3D multiplayer real-time strategy games. It is also a battle with a large field of view and space integrated operations as the core gameplay of athletic MOBA network game, after nearly six months of internal testing and optimization of the first to publish the official mobile version of online games in IOS platform and officially named "Assault Regiment I" . The new version of the game for the mobile operating 100% change over and over, to provide stand-alone offline, automatically hang up, thousands of items to optimize and improve the arena, PK battle, single-player campaign, social systems, etc., subsequent versions of the Legion system provides tactical cards and strengthening systems. The first public official test, new and old players will be giving away a variety of mysterious spree.
◆◆◆◆◆ instructions ◆◆◆◆◆
1, How to Move: Move this game combat units using automatic routing algorithm, the player simply click on the screen at the destination location can make combat unit automatically walk to the destination, without repeated clicks front, very convenient, Click on the floor with your fingers or a blank space to move combat units;
2, angle of rotation: This game offers a 360 panoramic observation operations, players can manipulate virtual joystick left or right rotation rotation to observe the battlefield, frequently changing the viewing angle is very necessary to master the fighting skills, allowing players to always see around the enemy changes, players press the phone to make a virtual joystick left rotation, right rotation operation and vice versa;
3, automatic locking: This game is a major feature provides automatic locking algorithms, combat units each player has a lock operating distance, as long as the enemy combat units into their own locking range, the system will automatically select a target lock , combat units will be based on the type of weapons currently used to "auto lock" the aim is to match the scope of the current type of weapon against the enemy;
4, switch targets: When faced with multiple enemies, shows "red lock box," the enemy is being said you lock; shows "yellow lock box" can be your enemy, said lock; press the button to automatically switch to switch targets under an enemy;
5, switch weapons: Press the toggle button to switch between different weapons and weapons carried by the current combat units;
6, fire: the default system unit automatically fire, please keep an eye on your current ammo reserves, emergency can click the "warehouse" button to use the ore purchase ammunition;
7, zoom the map: operating a virtual joystick to move up and down to zoom operational maps for changing the distance of observation.

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Assault CorpsIAssault CorpsIAssault CorpsIAssault CorpsIAssault CorpsIAssault CorpsI

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