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Back to War: Lost Throne

Back to War: Lost Throne

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.2.0
Developer: Dragon Game Studio | Size: 8.9MB | Updated:09-24
Back to War is an unique Placement RPG+SLG. Fight in the world battle!
-Return to the medieval battlefield / Throne belong to the strong only
Experience the thrilling fantasy world through exquisite scenes and immerse yourself in the fascinating stories. You will face ferocious monsters and enemies during this game of thrones. Dazzling equipment and treasures are there for you to collect!
-New battle experience: Simply PLACE and War
The gameplay of "Back to War" is a unique Placement RPG. With a good game of war with your skills and those of the mercenaries, you can rule the battlefield without any complicated control. "Back to War" is right for you! All you need to do is to log on for a short time every day. Even if you quit the game or turn off your cell phone, in your dreams, in your work time, even in your party hours, you can still get EXP and equipment without any data usage.
-Three character classes / Mighty Mercenary system
Restore the world of sword and magic. You can use tons of amazing skills to deal with different enemies. Plan your tactics, make your skills set more effective! Command the formidable mercenaries and fight along with the Warriors, Mages and Leaders. Find the best combination of your battle group. Your Mercenaries will always be with you!
-Build Your Alliances / Be the king of world
Bring elite heroes all over the world together to build your own alliance. Join the powerful battle for domination of the Kingdom! Every empires look forward to one ultimate goal: Supreme throne in the world!
-Strong social system / Fight with Players From All Over the World
In "Back to War", you will see players come from all over the world. You will play & chat with millions of players from around the world in different languages!
If you like games like Game of War, Clash of Clans or Clash of Kings. I think you'll like this one!
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Back to War: Lost ThroneBack to War: Lost ThroneBack to War: Lost ThroneBack to War: Lost ThroneBack to War: Lost Throne

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