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Dungeon Madness 2

Dungeon Madness 2

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.3.1
Developer: Pancik | Size: 11.23MB | Updated:10-10
A long-awaited sequel to the beautiful pixel art Dungeon Madness is here! Dungeon Madness 2: The Wizard's Quest is a brand new game where you become a powerful wizard. All the things you've enjoyed in the original game are here plus much more!
- Level up your wizard by gathering experience and assign stat points
- Explore over 55 dungeon floors
- Unleash your power with up to 15 different spells at those goblins!
- Defeat up to 7 fun bosses, each of them with different tactics
- Find or craft the best equipment in the game
- Enjoy never ending fun with randomly generated dungeons
- Teleport to your base to catch a break from nasty skeletons
- Survive as long as possible in battlegrounds for great rewards
- Buy mercenaries that will clear dungeons for you

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Dungeon Madness 2Dungeon Madness 2Dungeon Madness 2Dungeon Madness 2Dungeon Madness 2Dungeon Madness 2

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