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Knight Crush

Knight Crush

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.8
Developer: PopPace | Size: 49.3MB | Updated:10-20
Dare to challenge Monkey King and Pope? Join Knight Crush, a fantastic world which is crowded with legendary monsters and ancient demons. Collect and strengthen your heroes. Call your teammates together. Go to crush Dead Knight, participate in Troop Wars and dominate in real-time PvP. Over one hundred quests for you to unveil the story that YOU tell. Which heroes will you choose?
★Valuable★ Join various events to earn Diamonds every day!
★Gorgeous★ Splendid game graphics, over 100 cute but also overbearing heroes
★Strategy-related★ Strategies speak louder than money spent in game! Conquer everything if you dare and you think you are smart.
●Match 3 Battle
The original Match-3 gameplay in RPG allows players to actively control attack, defense and Ulti-Bomb by eliminating different enemies. The brand new game operation brings completely different battle experience. Control the tempo to attack or defend and enjoy the victory even with a force inferior in number.
●Demon Formation
Defeat malicious demons. Collect demon shards. Create a squad with powerful demons. Your enemies can fight for you.
●GVG Match
Ever think about real-time match in mobile games? The original real-time GVG Match in Knight Crush allows millions of players to duel with each other. Intense matches and changeable situation would make your heart race uncontrollably.
●Combination of Strategies
Each hero possesses various skills, such as Attack, Defend, Silent, Heal and other buffs. Combination of heroes with different skills can create distinct tactics. Defend, activate various buffs and then cast the ultimate skill to counterattack? Silent the enemy and attack fast to defeat in a flash? You can dictate the tempo.
●Battle Maniac
5 PvP battlefields, including Arena, Star Temple, Mine, Sky Arena and Guild War, and 4 PvE instances, including Dungeon, Inferno Tower, Guild Boss and Puzzle, are waiting for you.
●Hilarious Storyline
Each hero and each monster in Knight Crush is distinct. When the storyline is slowly unveiled, you will be able to experience hilarious and joyful dialogues. Just enjoy the fun!
Experience revolution in role-playing games! Download now and try one of the most ultimate RPGs free! Play now & chat with millions of gamers around the world. Will you fit your match?
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