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Avalon Legends

Avalon Legends

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 2.5.10
Developer: Kick9 Co. Ltd. | Size: 26.15MB | Updated:10-23
Avalon was once a beautiful continent and habitat to elfs, dwarfs, dragons, and other mysterious creatures until a dark demon arose and destroyed the peace and balance which was once present.
The great ancestors strove to fight against the demons to expel them west of the land. Their survivors erected great forts along the West Mountains to repel the advances of the demons as the relentless attacks ensued. The Bright League was formed to be the peace guardians of the world and to defend the innocent and abolish the demons. As an apprentice to Aldebaran College it falls to you and other noble heroes to train and battle the vicious demons.
Are you the legend humanity has been waiting for?
* A fantastic 3D graphics emerging you in this 360 degree world!
* Control your player with easy gestures, taps and swipes!
* Choose your adventure with an in-depth storyline containing multiple paths!
* Face rigorous challenges in over 100 unique dungeons!
* Play as 5 different characters each with 9 ultimate abilities to be mastered!
* Raise, promote, and fight alongside your pet!
* Equip wings to increase your fighting abilities & customize your character!
* Battle with friends in PVP or continue playing PVE to increase stats!
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Avalon LegendsAvalon LegendsAvalon LegendsAvalon LegendsAvalon Legends

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