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Kungfu Frontier

Kungfu Frontier

Category: Android Games / Role Playing | Version: 1.5.1
Developer: Tencent Mobile International Ltd. | Size: 45.8MB | Updated:11-5
The game perfectly combines card game with RPG Strategy game element, players can have great fun in the fantastic equipment development system, unique swordsman shard collection and the sapiential fighting strategy. If you are a Swordsman Lover attracted by the Kung Fu world , this game is exactly what you want. Join in the game and enjoy yourself in the ancient world mixed with love and hatred!
This game is cute as well as romantic with its exquisite game pictures and cartoon-like swordsman design. Six amazing battle special effects create an intense battle scene. You will find many creative unique game plays, such as Substance Temple, HuaShan Competition, The Brave Trove and Ming-house Warriors in the game. Players can choose different trials based on your own power, and each pass will be rewarded. Join in the game to experience all the wonders.

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Kungfu FrontierKungfu FrontierKungfu FrontierKungfu FrontierKungfu Frontier

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