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Disney Dream Island

Disney Dream Island

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.9.2
Developer: Marvelous Inc. | Size: 42MB | Updated:02-19
◇◆◇Enjoy farm life with your Disney Friends!◇◆◇
■□■□Let's build a wonderful farm with Mickey and friends!□■□
■Disney's farming game is available now!
■□■□Game Details□■□■
◇◆◇Build a farm with Mickey and friends!◇◆◇
Harvest crops and feed animals on your farm, then use your produce to fulfill the requests of Disney characters and other island residents!
The more requests you fill the bigger your farm gets and the more decorations are available for you to enjoy!
During special events, you can meet characters from Disney's famous movies!
Mickey and friends will come visit your farm too!
Fulfill requests and build up your dream farm!
◇◆◇Quick and easy harvesting! ◇◆◇
No difficult controls!
Sowing seeds, harvesting, and cooking can all be done with a quick drag!
◇◆◇Make Products in Fun Facilities!◇◆◇
Make popcorn and pancakes in cute and quirky facilities!
As you develop your farm you can create a wider variety of things!
Build more and more facilities to fulfill everyone's requests!
◇◆◇Cute Decorations For Your Avatar and Farm!◇◆◇
Change your avatar's outfit to a style that suits your mood!
You can dress up like your favorite characters or make your own combinations of clothes, accessories, and hair styles.
Collect lots of cute decorations such as Mickey-themed fountain and plants!Themed items ranging from recent hits like Frozen, to classics like The Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland! Recreate different Disney worlds or choose your own theme to create your very own farm style!
◇◆◇Play with Your Friends!◇◆◇
Enjoy farm life with your friends by visiting their farms and giving them a hand!
You can go and visit farms run by Mickey and friends too!
*This application uses the CRIWARE (TM) middleware from CRI Middleware, Inc.
Android: Requires Android 4.2 or later and 2GB RAM or better.

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Disney Dream IslandDisney Dream IslandDisney Dream IslandDisney Dream IslandDisney Dream Island

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