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Airline Tycoon - Free Flight

Airline Tycoon - Free Flight

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.4.22
Developer: Kalypso Media Mobile GmbH | Size: 46.41MB | Updated:06-28
Have you got what it takes to run your own airline? Buy airports across the world, build a fleet of planes, hire and fire pilots and attendants, and beat your competitors to conquer the skies in Airline Tycoon. This fast-paced, fun, free airline sim will really put your management skills to the test, as you juggle passenger happiness with profit margins.
There's a lot to consider when you manage an airline. You'll need strategic skills to build your fledgling company into an internationally renowned air service with a fleet of planes and routes that span the globe. Fans of airline games will relish the challenge.
You'll start your adventure with a single, small airplane and access to a handful of U.S. airports. As the profits roll in, you'll become an airport tycoon, unlocking access to the most popular destinations in the world. As your coverage increases in this airline sim, you'll be able to transport more and more passengers, and your profits will soar.
With the money you make from your first few short haul, city-hopping flights, and the parts you salvage from different airports, you can build bigger and better planes. Head to the hangar to craft increasingly large, luxurious airplanes for the long haul. Manage your airline right and you could soon be the proud owner of an impressive aircraft fleet. Juggling all those routes and keeping that air traffic flowing is an absorbing challenge that makes this airplane game hard to put down.
Earn boosts to your bottom line by successfully rushing flights, but watch out! A failed attempt to reach the next airport ahead of schedule can cause disastrous delays. You can choose the level of luxury on board your planes in terms of seating, meals, and in-flight entertainment, but be careful those costs don't climb too high! A good airline manager always turns a profit.
It's up to you to hire and fire a crew of pilots and flight attendants, train them up, and keep a wary eye on their energy levels. You'll see their thoughts at the end of each flight and you can buy items to help boost their experience, or keep them working round-the-clock for back-to-back flights.
You'll also face a series of side quests in Airline Tycoon which bring rewards, including in-game cash that can be used to purchase speed boosts and more aircraft parts.
Airline Tycoon is easy to pick up and play, and you can choose the strategy that suits you. Your success as an airport tycoon depends on your ability to manage. Airline games are challenging and fun.
If plane games are your thing, you'll definitely want to try it out. You'll need to:
* Fly successful flights that keep passengers happy.
* Hire, fire, train, and manage a crew of pilots and attendants.
* Collect plane parts and craft new airplanes in your hangar.
* Earn or buy in-game cash to spend on items and boosts.
* Pull in profits and unlock access to new airports across the globe.
If you're a fan of airline games and you love to take on the tycoon role, then this airline sim is going to sweep you off your feet. Final call for airport game fans, download this free airline game today and see if you can become the next Airline Tycoon!
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Airline Tycoon - Free FlightAirline Tycoon - Free FlightAirline Tycoon - Free FlightAirline Tycoon - Free FlightAirline Tycoon - Free FlightAirline Tycoon - Free FlightAirline Tycoon - Free FlightAirline Tycoon - Free FlightAirline Tycoon - Free Flight

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