Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 2.4
Developer: VaragtP Studios | Size: 17.95MB | Updated:11-21
Get ready to go green and become a virtual farmer with Plantera, where you will have a virtual garden of your own. All your dreams of harvesting a beautiful orchard with hundreds of plants and trees have become a reality. Unlock new plants and bushes with each level, collect fruits and berries, add new animals to your garden, and start tapping and multiplying the fun with each level. Plantera is the best farming game for the gardening enthusiast, and can be played both active and idle, offering the player a wide variety of flora and fauna. So buckle up and get ready to plant some seeds and harvest your crops as the best idle farmer in the game.
✔ Plantera is a side-scrolling semi idle farm management simulator! Cultivate cute animals and crops for riches!
✔ Become a virtual gardener and farmer and grow multiple varieties of trees, bushes, and other plants. Harvest them for gold so you can grow more and reach higher levels.
✔ Bring different types of animals to your garden and let them roam free. Hens and pigs are just some of the animals you can raise in the game. They also help in collecting more gold by giving you sellable items.
✔ Employ cute blue creatures called Helpers to help you out in the collection of resources and raising gold from your garden, even when you're idle or away and not playing.
✔ Unlock new varieties of flora and fauna as you reach higher levels in the game, and expand your garden as much as you like. The more real estate you have, the more plants you can grow!
✔ Protect your garden from critters like birds, foxes, bunnies, and even wolves! Keep a guard dog or install a scarecrow to increase gold production even when you're idle or away and not playing!
This gardening game offers you lots of achievements for finishing various goals in the game. Scare away birds, foxes and other critters as you increase in level as a planter to unlock the Scarecrow, Fox Hunter, Wolf Hunter and Bunny Hunter achievements. Planting lots of trees and expanding your garden also grants you achievements like Landscaper and Expander, where you become one of the best planters in the realm. There are also achievements for collecting gold from your harvest, like the Worth A Million achievement. Once you reach higher levels in the game, that will also award you with achievements, and with that you will unlock the Loot Hero, whose appearance also counts in achievements. The game has a lot to offer to keep the player interested and tapping on for the next goal.
Be ready to delve into an addictive world where you become a planter and grow a beautiful garden and grow lovable animals. This is your gardening utopia where you can start harvesting your crops right away!
Go up in level to unlock new plants, bushes, trees and animals, become an expert gardener and continue to expand and improve your garden!

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