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Indefinite 2: Love

Indefinite 2: Love

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.063
Developer: BrandLibel | Size: 19.49MB | Updated:02-22
What is Indefinite?
Ultra realistic dating sim? Intense memory game? Post-apocalyptic interactive fiction? Or poignant and heart-wrenching drama? Indefinite is Indefinite. It doesn't fit into any genre.
What in love's name do I do?
Search for love by having surreal conversations with dates, business prospects, family, friends, and more. To impress them, you'll have to answer their questions before the time runs out. Don't get caught lying or you'll be met with rejection...or worse.
What are the features?
- Almost 300 questions and countless answer choices. You can literally talk forever.
- 11 distinct modes to explore, each with their own personality. There are plenty of fish in the sea.
- Global leaderboards and social media sharing. Assert your dominance.
- Custom end reports based on your answers. Write your own story.
What in love's name is going on?
I'm not sure. Does this game take place in a strange, off-kilter dystopian reality where you can uncover bits of a mysterious sci-fi story by giving certain answers to certain people? Hard to say. I'd have to say the answer is Indefinite.

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Indefinite 2: LoveIndefinite 2: LoveIndefinite 2: LoveIndefinite 2: LoveIndefinite 2: LoveIndefinite 2: Love

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