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Hyper Loop: Train Simulator

Hyper Loop: Train Simulator

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: GameChpox | Size: 27.9MB | Updated:04-21
Elon Musk (the founder of Tesla and SpaceX) proposed a technology for the future: trains moving in sealed glass tubes at ultra high speed. Try yourself as a machinist or mechanic of a realistic train of the future!
Run a futuristic train, which moves at hyper speeds up to 1220 kilometers per hour. Change the speed of trains, change the camera view, stop at stations and pick up passengers. Carry passengers and cargo to earn coins!
Hyperloop: Train Simulator - fun for children and adults, loving trains and futuristic rail transport. Go through the locations and open new trains. Each new train moves faster than the previous ones - open all and drive at hypersonic speeds!
Hyper Loop: Train Simulator is:
* Realistic 3D graphics
* Different camera views
* Several types of realistic modern trains with different speeds
* Wonderful music
* The ability to move in tunnels like a subway or metro train
* A chance to become a train driver of the future!
Railway routes in the train simulator are laid in the locations:
"Winter City"
And very soon the railways will be laid in the locations:
"Underwater world"! Do you want to travel underwater and explore the underwater world? Soon such an opportunity will be!
"Indian city of Delhi". You will have the opportunity to drive through India.
If you have any problems with the game, do not hesitate to contact us and we will solve them in updates. To attract our attention, it is not necessary to put us low marks. We are glad to listen to you!
Over time, new locations and new triains will be added, stay tuned!

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Hyper Loop: Train SimulatorHyper Loop: Train SimulatorHyper Loop: Train SimulatorHyper Loop: Train Simulator

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