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Real Parkour Beta

Real Parkour Beta

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.5
Developer: TheProgerZ | Size: 50MB | Updated:04-29
Real Parkour beta - Parkour is dedicated to the game that will make you feel like a real treiser. You can develop your physical performance and discover new tricks and perform them in different cities.
Control the game with complicated new tricks the steeper the trick more difficult combination of this trick.
To do this or that trick to properly do a combo of a few buttons.
Do those tricks you want to do at this obstacle complete freedom.
In the end only the most skilled players will be able to pass all three tests in each city. And only those who do it will be one of the best in the world of parkour?
Daring jumps forward to the game Real Parkour!
Next daring jumps all prove you are the best in the game Real Parkour!
- A unique control system.
- System improving physical abilities.
- Easy to initial levels.
- Unbearably complicated in certain places.
- Dozens of realistic animated tricks created by MoCap.
- Completely free.
- Without micropayments
- Multiplayer game (in future updates).
Update 24.04.2015
- Fixed falling between buildings.
- Made system of calculation of money (you now have to pay for the discovery of tricks ).
- New ads system, not hindering the gameplay.

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Real Parkour BetaReal Parkour BetaReal Parkour Beta

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