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Pixel Apocalypse

Pixel Apocalypse

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Pixel Labs | Size: 101MB | Updated:05-23
Survive the fallen world overrun by zombies in a open-world where failing to find supplies can be just as deadly as the zombies. Pixel Apocalypse brings elements from games such as Minecraft and Unturned and creates countless hours of gameplay to be enjoyed offline in singleplayer mode, or online with friends around the world.
- Explore a massive open world with distinct and unique locations
- Battle zombies as you search nearby towns for supplies
- Find food and water to survive
- Over 10 unique weapons to find!
- Play with friends on world wide multiplayer servers
- Unique environments with full day and night cycle

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Pixel ApocalypsePixel ApocalypsePixel ApocalypsePixel ApocalypsePixel ApocalypsePixel Apocalypse

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