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Sabertooth RPG Simulator

Sabertooth RPG Simulator

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.6
Developer: Area730 | Size: 48.1MB | Updated:06-23
Always wanted to be a predator? Start as a newbie saber-tooth tiger and evolve to a real terror of the wild!
At first you will be able to hunt only weak animals like rams and sheep. But after you evolve you will be able to hunt down tigers, panthers and huge spiders! Explore a huge custom-built terrain!
While exploring, you may find a few kitties. Be aware of them! Once you find them, they will follow you wherever you go!
NEW: Levels, quests and unique bosses!
✔ RPG-style gameplay with 30 levels
✔ 22 fun quests
✔ 5 terrifying unique bosses
✔ Huge wild terrain to explore
✔ Many animals to hunt, including sheep, rams, panthers, tigers, etc.
✔ Fast, dynamic gameplay
✔ Custom-build world
✔ Real nature sounds
✔ Hidden kitties!

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Sabertooth RPG SimulatorSabertooth RPG SimulatorSabertooth RPG Simulator

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