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Airplane Fighters Combat

Airplane Fighters Combat

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: i6 Games | Size: 29.2MB | Updated:08-9
Fly super intense war plane fights in this action-packed military air force game, Airplane Fighters Combat. In this highly realistic flight combat simulation, you will battle with enemy planes in the skies above the desert, testing all of your flying, maneuvers, and skills with the plane's on-board weapons.
The fun is endless in Airplane Fighters Combat, battle against other planes in the latest airplane simulator. Get the highest score by shooting down enemy planes and oncoming ground vehicles. Challenge you and your friends to see who really is the world best fighter pilot!
Choose between multiple modes to compete in, World War and Modern War. Both modes contain planes from their correct time period, highly detailed to capture every aspect to make the experience even better. Each flyable planes comes with a unlimited arsenal of weapons to go against the oncoming enemy aircrafts.
- Endless airplane combat, hours of flying fun!
- Choose between World War 2 and Modern Warfare plane modes
- Hyper realistic airplane and jet models
- Massive open environments to fly in!
- Tons of weapons to use like, homing missiles, machine guns, nukes, and so much more!
- Very easy to use touch and tilt controls
- Intelligent enemy plane A.I.
- The most realistic plane flying physics available on mobile!
Get ready to beat your friend's high scores and battle the oncoming enemy air planes and jets in the brand new, thrill-filled flight combat simulation, Airplane Fighters Combat!

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Airplane Fighters CombatAirplane Fighters CombatAirplane Fighters CombatAirplane Fighters CombatAirplane Fighters Combat

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