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Train driving simulator

Train driving simulator

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.2
Developer: KarApps | Size: 37.99MB | Updated:11-16
Drive train - a simulator ride on the rail road! Manage your real train drivers cab! Transported by rail structure from station to station, do not forget to signal oncoming passenger trains and freight trains! Do you like to listen to the sound of the wheels on the rails? Like the sound of approaching to the train station? Feel machinist! Look at the control cabin looks like inside! Pick up speed, braking, driving past fields and forests - Vod train!
Passengers waiting for! Trains go!
ATTENTION! Drive train - a simulator that shows only about a real cab driver! The driver of the train controls a plurality of levers, sensors and control surfaces!
If you like to control the train, write reviews, and we will release the simulator control subway train!

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Train driving simulatorTrain driving simulator

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