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March of Industry

March of Industry

Category: Android Games / Simulation Games | Version: 1.001
Developer: Archive Entertainment | Size: 49MB | Updated:12-20
Comrade, craft our glorious country's natural resources into advanced materials. Discover crafting recipes to create powerful weapons and then sell them. Automate your weapons factory and create many capitalist profits!
-= Step 1: Craft weapons =-
Create products by combining the natural resources of our glorious country. Refine those products to make weapons! For instance: vodka + exercise machine = Vladimir Putin's gym shorts. Its manly aroma is both powerful and deadly.
-= Step 2: Automate your factory =-
Now that you've figured out how to build one weapon, can you make hundreds of them? Build out your factory for mass production with conveyor belts, barriers, pushers, black holes... wait... why did you put a black hole in the factory?! Nooooo
Now that we're mass producing weapons, we can sell those off and upgrade the factory to build more profitable (and complex) weapons. Discover new technology phases like Sand Age, Copper Age, Iron Age, and the most advanced technology: Potato Age.
* Craft weapons & create huge factories
* New Game+ mode
* Cross-device cloud saving
* Create your own resources & weapons in the Blueprint DB -- plus share your mods easily with the world via cloud mod sync
* Full game included, no microtransactions. No ads.
Chat with us in our forums: http://marchofindustry.com/forums/
Check out the fan-made wiki: http://moi.wikia.com

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March of IndustryMarch of IndustryMarch of IndustryMarch of IndustryMarch of Industry

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