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Barangay Basketball

Barangay Basketball

Category: Android Games / Sports Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Synergy88 Digital Inc. | Size: 22.75MB | Updated:08-15
"The son of a former hardcourt superstar, Wax is looking to prove that he is a basketball superstar in his own right. Follow his story as he learns, from the four basketball masters in Barangay 143, the essential skills to become a legend, such as:
- Dribble your way through the court while trying to avoid Boy Pana's arrows.
- Make sure to get the strengths of your shots just right or Croco Martin will literally shoot your ball down.
- Maneuver your way around the court to block Popoy's quick and confusing moves.
- Swipe the screen with the corresponding patterns to make sure you dunk with flash and style.
One-on-one Battles:
- Test all that you've learned by going head-to-head against the many challengers that stand in Wax's way.
Do you have what it takes to help Wax come out on top? Find out by downloading Barangay Basketball now!"

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Barangay BasketballBarangay BasketballBarangay BasketballBarangay BasketballBarangay BasketballBarangay Basketball

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