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Archery Training Heroes

Archery Training Heroes

Category: Android Games / Sports Games | Version: 1.0
Developer: Gaminatorix Free Games 2017 | Size: 52.82MB | Updated:01-13
Archery training heroes is a first person shooter addictive archery master game. Pick your archery equipment in this intense archery mania challenge. Drag your bow, pull the arrow, hold your breath, aim your target and shoot like a hero in the intense archery mania.
In the intense addictive sports archery shooting game you will face some movable targets and some still targets and you have to be all time focused to shoot and hit the targets. To gain more and more points you have to be accurate. Remember always try for the center point you have limited arrows so don't waste. Aim for the center and shoot like a pro bow master.
This game consists of two modes; Challenge and Practice.
Challenge Mode:
Make the highest score in limited time with unlimited arrows. Compete with your friends and see who has ability to score enough to mark his/her name on leaderboard.
Practice Mode:
Play intense levels and see how far you can go. You will face some different challenges on different locations so be ready for it.
Awesome controls and realistic graphics will make you feel like an archer man.
Archery Training Heroes features:
* 2 different game modes: challenge mode and practice mode
* Multiple picturesque locations
* Realistic environment and easy controls.
* Still and Movable Targets
* Wind Effect

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Archery Training HeroesArchery Training HeroesArchery Training HeroesArchery Training HeroesArchery Training Heroes

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