Category: Android Games / Sports Games | Version: 1.0.4
Developer: GameDesire | Size: 58.24MB | Updated:02-24
WARNING: This is NOT your typical boring billiards!
Playing pool has never been more dangerous. Get ready for high impact turbo-paced action as you drop bombs on your opponents, troll them with oil stains and crush those pool balls with laser precision!
With blazing pinball style action, the energy of TimeCues is closer to an NFL game than to any type of billiards. To defeat your opponents in this addictive new pool game you'll have to do more than the usual rolling balls into pockets. Break all the rules of sportsmanship, etiquette, physics and common sense while you blast away and leave your opponents wrecked and humiliated. Just don't forget to trash talk along the way.
Have no fear...and even less mercy. Play TimeCues today and start crushing souls!
Join us:
*Timecues is a multiplayer game and needs a stable internet connection to be played. Use WiFi for smoother installation and updates.
**The game is currently in development and will turn out even better if you share your thoughts with us via [email protected]. Thanks!

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