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Traffic Skate 3D

Traffic Skate 3D

Category: Android Games / Sports Games | Version: 1.0.6
Developer: Candy Witch Games | Size: 27.5MB | Updated:05-17
Traffic Skate 3D is an action-packed 3D skating game where you skate through various adventurous HIGHWAY, dangerous SUBWAY AND CRAZY TRAFFIC of New york. With various power-ups and real skating charaters like Pepi,Racer,Surfers and Tomcat, you can explore amazing streets filled with crazy traffic and dangerous hurdles.
Traffic Skate 3D uses very simple game play, swipe up and down to jump and slide and tilt phone to steer and move through the street hurdle and traffic.
- Simple game play, swipe up,down and tilt.
- Amazing 3D Environment.
- Excellent arrange of world and player to keep you surprised and entertained.
- Real skating moves and tricks.
- Awesome music and sound effects.
-Gem of a game for all skateboarding fans
Traffic Skate 3D is a free action game where skating heroes like Pepi, Surfers,Racer and Tomcat will explore adventurous of Deadly Subway, Crazy Traffic, Freeway and street traffic of New york City.
Traffic Skate 3D contains four exciting worlds, New York Freeway, New York City traffic, Deadly Subway and Crazy Traffic, each on with new surprise and challenge. Traffic Skate 3D has four skating characters Pepi, Racer Surfer and Tomcat, each with different level of controls and powers up to help you overcome all the dangerous challenges of various world.
Traffic Skate 3D has a Global leader board where all the action surfers can track the position and beat the score of their fellow board surfers. New feature of challenging you fellow board surfers are coming soon in our global leader board.
Traffic Skate 3D game is free to play with multiple ways to collect virtual coins for unlocking more level packs like Deadly Subway, Crazy Traffic, New York City Traffic.
Get as many coins as you can and purchase different skating icons like Pepi,Racer,Surfers and Tomcat.
Smooth Highway,Dangerous subway,crazy traffic of New York City will really test your skills and Reflexes.
Get on the skateboard and ride across street dodging the obstacles and incoming traffic at insane speed!
Your mission in the game is to ride on your skateboard for as long as possible at the fastest possible speed.
So all action seeker, download this intensely action-packed Skating 3D free game and enjoy.

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Traffic Skate 3DTraffic Skate 3DTraffic Skate 3D

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