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Ancient Surfer 2

Ancient Surfer 2

Category: Android Games / Sports Games | Version: 1.0.5
Developer: SummerTimeStudio Co.,ltd | Size: 19.3MB | Updated:06-2
SummerTimeStudio Vol. 14!
A year has passed since SummerTime Surfing began.
Now, Ancient Surfer is back – more stylish than ever!
This time, surf Earth to surf Space!
Ride the waves like never before in this next-gen Surfing game!
Game Enjoyment
-- Move your surfer downward to pick up speed.
-- Be careful not to bump into obstacles in the water.
-- Gain speed and take off out of the water for jumps.
-- Get enough hang time to pass the trick line for more stylish jumps.
-- To complete a trick, simply follow the on-screen commands.
-- Complete a trick, then spin some more for more points and coins!
-- There are 45 tricks in all!
-- Don't forget to stick the landing, or you'll lose out on all those points!
-- With over 100 types of boards, necklaces, and wear, you can easily personalize your surfer!
Technical Points
-- Collect Rainbow Coins to unlock more skilled surfers.
-- Upgrade your board for more power!
-- Combine different items for faster surfing and higher jumps!
Surf's Up!
Minimum Recommended Devices
AndroidOS 4.2

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Ancient Surfer 2Ancient Surfer 2Ancient Surfer 2
Ancient Surfer 2Ancient Surfer 2

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