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Football Soccer Star!

Category: Android Games / Sports Games | Version: 1.02
Developer: Leo De Sol Games | Size: 26.8MB | Updated:12-1
Football Soccer Star is the new football game where you customize your player, play minigames and earn trophies to become the new soccer champion! Jump, kick, head and score! World Cup 2014 is gone, but the fun is back with Football Soccer Star! Forget about boring stickmans or dull soccer puppets; create your own player and make it look the way you want! Play through 10 football minigames and win all the trophies.
Use the money earned in minigames to fully customize your champion. Personalize not just the head but the complete clothing and looks! Best 2014 and 2015 football players hairstyles are included.
You can pick one of the initial players or create a new soccer star from scratch. It will look better than a stickman or a head puppet for sure! You can even customize the ball!
Run, jump, kick, head and score goals! Play through 10 simple and fun minigames. Some minigames requires using your head, others requires your striker abilities. Score as many goals as you can, shoot free kicks, jump as fast as you can, avoid the hooligan´s projectiles, master the Futsal court, hit the referees and much more! Fun guaranteed!
Every minigame rewards you with money you can use to customize your player and make it look unique. No standard stickmans or puppet looking players; make them look the way you want. Collect all the medals and trophies including the World Cup and unlock more than 40 achievements. Compete against your friends to see who gets the highest score. Can you win all the trophies?
Collect the special stars to unlock pro superstars and classic legends. Play as Maradona or Pelé, Messi or Neymar!
* 10 awesome minigames to play and become the new soccer star champion
* Customize head, hairstyle, beardstyle, eyes, skin, mouth, shirt, shorts, shoes, tattoos and more!
* 12 trophies to collect including the World Cup 2014 and Champions League trophies!
* 30+ achievements to unlock
* 8 special players to discover, from famous strikers to classic legends.
* Compete against your friends for the best scores
* Up to 5 football stars slots to save your amazing-looking champion.
* More minigames, strikers, and content to come!
World Cup is so 2014! Play Football Soccer Star now and become the 2015 soccer star champion!
Hope all of you enjoy the game, please send us an email to [email protected] if you have any question, comment or suggestion and don´t forget to follow us on FB www.facebook.com/leo.desol.3

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Football Soccer Star!Football Soccer Star!Football Soccer Star!Football Soccer Star!Football Soccer Star!

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