War and Glory

War and Glory

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0.3
Developer: GumpTech | Size: 98.37MB | Updated:06-28
Download the game now and play for free! Conduct your troops to attack and conquer! Maneuver among various powerful enemies! Enjoy rewriting the history just by moving the tips of your fingers!
Based on the history of World War 2, War and Glory is an SLG game that will show you the most epic and magnificent war in the history of mankind.
Being a very important figure growing up from a soldier to a general in World War 2, following the main plots to see all the famous battles on East and West battle line, experiencing the classic battles, and reviving the history from the beginning of the Invasion of Poland until getting the final victory of the world anti-fascist war.
-Fight for your name! - As the Captain, you will lead your soldier march from the East Poland and follow the route on the map. The conversations, diaries, battlefield telegraph and letters will unfold each impressive stories and tales to you.
-Battle with your friends! - Your story will be the most innovative part of the game, which is based on the real history. Build and strengthen your own base and battle with thousands of players online to scramble the resource spots on the world map, set your place in the world and finally build your own military empire!
-Write your own history! - The world maps, battle names, chariots, famous generals, force names, etc. are all well documented. Here you can have the Tiger Tank and other armored combat vehicles, recruit Montgomery or Patton or any other extraordinary generals.
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War and GloryWar and GloryWar and GloryWar and GloryWar and Glory

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