Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.0.0
Developer: Studio Trapcard | Size: 57.03MB | Updated:09-28
Cats and fishes are went to space trip together!
We would like to invite you to a ' 360 degree turret offence role playing game' !
Your mission is to protect 'FishmarCAT' and reclaim lost property of your tribe. Planets covered with peaceful grassland, freezing glacier, sandy desert and super hot volcanos are awaiting to be explored.
Don't be afraid for fierce enemies on your trip, you've got 5 strong heroes and 6 different turrets.
Alright, let's check adventure and strategy ahead of us! shall we start a trip to 'FishmarCAT'?
-Game details-
★ Strategic game on a 360 degree planet!
★ All you need to do is touch and drag.
★ You can improve your hero and upgrade towers as much as you earn skill points.
★ 5 powerful heroes and 6 different turrets!
★ 4 different fierce enemy races are dominates each planets.
★ Big and scary bosses!
★ Each planet has different strategies to conquer.
--------------- V1.0.0 ---------------
We're currently developing saving data on the cloud, until then your progress is saved in your device.
Your progress will be lost if you delete this app.
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