Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 2.5.31
Developer: Elex | Size: 83.19MB | Updated:01-1
"Commander, your tides of iron are ready to devour any enemy."
Take your role in 2WAR, as Tigers surging through battlefield, as IS-7s rending everything in line, as Katyushas flooding your foe in despair, or stay put and enjoy a railway gun death orchestra.
Securing industrial areas and precious metal before your enemies are essential, surgical strikes can take down enemy forces before war escalates. Back to the era of fire and blood, pour them on their soil, on their lands!
To war in 2WAR. Trenches, tanks, artilleries, blitz, infinite strategic moves are at your disposal.
1. Join the World War of gamers all over the world, annihilate enemies by
- Great strategic minds and positioning,
- Joint operations with commanders around the world,
- Protect your invaluable supply chain, food and gasoline.
2. Barracks and armories build the tense air of frontline, roaring cartridges remind you: it's warzone. Celebrate your Alliance's success on opponents' ruins. Tame your land, claim your fortune.
3. Enemies are gathering, no time to lose.
- Build your own war machine fast, before get outnumbered by foe.
- Time for Science. Utilize advanced technologies to turn the tide.
- Stay vigilant, take the initiative, seize enemies' resources and choke points for yourself.

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