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Tower Defense - Invasion TD (Unreleased)

Tower Defense - Invasion TD (Unreleased)

Category: Android Games / Strategy Games | Version: 1.2
Developer: Zonmob Tech., JSC | Size: 67.2MB | Updated:02-21
★★THE BEST NEW Tower Defense in 2017!★★
Tower Defense - Invasion TD with new breakthroughs, and there are dramatic improvements in Defense game category brought more enjoyable experience.
#### New Maps System
This Tower Defense have two mode "Campaign" and "Endless" for Defender to select and 20 attractive maps to play with diverse terrain.
#### Graphics and Sound:
Tower Defense - the best strategy games be invested in the detail of graphics, which gives you the truest sense and you have to impressed with it.
Moreover, Tower Defense - Invasion TD also be invested carefully on sound, this game would give you an exciting experiences.
#### Advanced weapons system
This Tower Defense have the best weapon systems which have been investing a lot of gray matter, each weapon has different functions and using weapons on time is the key strategy to win in Defender game. 15 Tower, 4 special weapons for you to try.
#### Enemies System
Enemy like aircraft, tanks and sophisticated weapons are fully utilized. Players must have the right strategy and great agility to achieve absolute 5 stars after each screen in this Tower Defense game.
#### How to play this Tower Defense game:
- Choose the mode, select the map to play, select the strategic weapons and try your best in Tower Defense
- Upgrade weapons, using tactics to destroy all enemies, defend the territory.
- Defender can get the gems and surprise gifts when playing this Tower Defense game.
- Defender can choose to play normal or increase the speed to twice
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Tower Defense - Invasion TD (Unreleased)Tower Defense - Invasion TD (Unreleased)Tower Defense - Invasion TD (Unreleased)Tower Defense - Invasion TD (Unreleased)

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